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"Enjoy every sandwich."

Warren Zevon

"You don't need a pack of wild horses to learn how to make a sandwich."

Phil McGraw

"Too few people understand a really good sandwich."

James Beard

Sub Sale Information for 2016-2017

Sub Orders Due
(submitted online)
Set-Up at SPHS
Friday after school
Sub Prep at SPHS
6:50-10:00 am
followed by delivery
6:00 pm, Tuesday, Sept. 13 Seniors - Day/Time TBD Saturday, Sept. 17
6:00 pm, Sunday, Oct. 9 Juniors - Friday, Oct. 14 Saturday, Oct. 15
6:00 pm, Sunday, Nov. 6 Sophomores - Friday, Nov. 11 Saturday, Nov. 12
8:00 pm, Sunday, Dec. 4 Freshmen - Friday, Dec. 9 Saturday, Dec. 10
8:00 pm, Sunday, Jan. 29 Sophomores - Friday, Feb. 3 Saturday, Feb. 4
8:00 pm, Sunday, Feb. 26 Juniors - 6:00 am, Sat, March 4 Saturday, March 4
8:00 pm, Sunday, April 23
Online Submission Link:
Saturday, April 29
Sub Sale for Saturday, May 20 is CANCELLED

Other details:

  • Here is the information flier with details about all of the subs and pretzel roll sandwiches.


  • Use the paper order form to keep track of your customers - who ordered what.  Here is the NEW order form in pdf format or xlsx format - this one contains the pretzel roll sandwiches.

  • Students will tally up all of the columns, and submit the totals using an online submission process.  The link for the online form changes with each sub sale.  They will be listed in the table above.

  • Only students who are ordering subs need to submit an online order form.

  • Only submit one form per student, so wait until you are finished selling.

  • MONEY:

  • Collect money from customers either when they order, or when you deliver the subs.

  • Turn in the money to the Treasurer on sub sale morning OR to your neighborhood collection house by the following Tuesday.  The list of houses was sent in an email from the BOB Corresponding Secretary on 9/18 and is also in the October Newsletter.  If you need that information or have questions about it, please contact the BOB Treasurer:  

  • Convert all cash to a check made out to SPHS BOB.  Put the check(s) into an envelope and submit that.  On the outside of the envelope include the student's name, the words "Sub Sale" and the total amount enclosed for subs.  If there are any extra donations, write the "Extra Fair Share" amount as well.

  • Regular subs cost $7.50 each, with $3.75 going to the student's fair share.  The new pretzel roll sandwiches cost $6.00 each, with $2.50 going to the student's fair share.


  • All students and at least one parent per family are expected to come help prepare the sub orders.

  • The day begins in the SPHS cafeteria, arrive by 6:50 am, and lasts until all of the subs have been made and packaged.  Typically this is around 9:30 or 10:00.

  • After sub preparation is complete, each student will take their sub order home and deliver the subs to their customers.

Sub sales are the primary means for our students to earn money to cover the costs of their fair share.  This has been a tradition for over 40 years, and enjoys wide acceptance across the Severna Park community.  A successful sub sale requires students to proactively collect sub orders from friends, family, neighbors and the community and also requires commitment by the parents who volunteer their early Saturday mornings to assemble the subs.

Note that $3.75 of each sub and $2.50 of each pretzel roll sandwich a customer purchases is tax deductible since it goes directly to offset expenses through the SPHS Band & Orchestra Boosters which is a 501(C) organization.  Please contact Andy Trimpin at with any sub sale question you may have or to request your name be added to a student's call list.